Shandy is awesome!
And due to the small class size, there were LOTS of adjustment .. which I loved ?

Healthy Back, by Bariza

Shandy is awesome!
The adjustments were exactly what i needed and my back definitely feels healthy after that session ?

Healthy Back, by Bariza

Really good stretch and fun class.

Healthy Back, by Shiva

Great stretch with a dedicated teacher. 🙂

Prenatal Yoga, by Vernie

fantastic teacher and a very beautiful woman.

Wall Rope Yoga, Desmond

Shandy is awesome!!
Every class is like a stretch with an amazing massage/adjustment!

Healthy Back, by Bariza

Shandy's great. as usual!

Wall Rope Yoga, Estella

Shandy is fantastic; clear instructions and demos so poses are easy to follow. Shes also full of smiles and joy!
Thx Shandy for your dedication!

Healthy Back, by Danlin

Shandy makes it a point to go around to check and correct out form, which i really appreciate!!
A good class to stretch out your chest, back and LL 🙂

Healthy Back, by Eunice